Echo In The Memory Exclusive Clear/Black Smoke LP


Lunacy’s Echo In The Memory continues the story of the shadow figure from the debut effort Age Of Truth and examines a new world of emptiness that the past has left behind. Their first effort for Oliver Ackermann’s (A Place To Bury Strangers / Death By Audio) newly formed label, Dedstrange. Lunacy’s sophomore release shows a more defined and developed sound and a catharsis within the fog. Lunacy’s take on cinematic post-punk, atmospheric washes of noise & repetition resonates on exactly the position the world is in— starting on an echo and ending on To Be Continued…

Keeping with Lunacy’s tradition, Echo In The Memory will be pressed on variants of Limited colored vinyl featuring original cover art from Dusty Ray and logo work from Jesse Draxler. Echo In The Memory is set for release on Dedstrange on April 15th 2022.

RIYL: Chrome, SeeFeel, Flying Saucer Attack, Brian Eno

1. “Echo In The Memory”
2. “Dust”
3. “Reality Distortion Field”
4. “Open Ended”
5. “Echo Dub”
6. “Year One”
7. “Fragmented Pulse”
8. “The Wait”
9. “Glyph”
10. “TBC”

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