Too Slow To Disco

The Ladies Of Too Slow To Disco LP

180g black vinyl 2LP with download card. 

01 EVIE SANDS - You can do it 
02 RICKIE LEE JONES - Chuck E’s in love 
03 LAURA ALLAN - Opening up to you 
04 MELISSA MANCHESTER - Shine like you should 
05 FRANNE GOLDE - Isn’t it something 
07 TERI DE SARIO - Baby I don’t want your love 
08 CAROLE BAYER SAGER - It’s the falling in love 
09 CARLY SIMON – Tranquillo (melt my heart) 
10 JAYE P. MORGAN – Let’s get together 
11 LAUREN WOOD - Gotta lotta 
12 RENÉE GEYER - Be there in the morning (Australian Single Version) 
13 MARIA MULDAUR - Midnight at the oasis 
14 BRENDA RUSSELL - New York bars 
15 LEAH KUNKEL – Temptation 
16 AMY HOLLAND - Strengthen my love 
17 CAROLE KING – Disco Tech 
18 DORIS ABRAHAMS - Dance the night away 
19 LYN CHRISTOPHER - Take me with you 

From Taylor Swift’s pop tidal wave to St Vincent’s angular rocking… from Miley Cyrus’ ever-colourful madness to Adele’s chart crushing return, 2015 was another great year for women in pop music. But it wasn’t always this “easy”. 

With “The Ladies of Too Slow To Disco” we are taking a look at the women who kick-started the female pop revolution in the seventies. But we are not only presenting the big names like Carole King, Carly Simon or Rickie Lee Jones, Too Slow To Disco is once again unearthing lots of overlooked and lost gems of the 1970s LA music scene. 

These pioneering songwriters were determined to navigate their career on their own terms, while fighting an industry that was only marginally less machismo-driven than the mafia (and in some cases involved characters from both worlds). Chauvinism was the mood music de rigueur in the record biz of the 60s and 70s, and the dawning of sexual liberation as often as not left women holding the baby. But battling through, these women writers and performers redefined what pop music could do, and in doing so, charted the path for the women that followed.

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