Sneaker Pimps

Squaring The Circle (CD)


The new Sneaker Pimps studio album 'Squaring the Circle' released on September 10th, 2021.

This CD comes in a high quality digipack, and features imagery developed by Chris Corner and Liam Howe.  

Also available on vinyl record.


  1. Fighter
  2. Child in the Dark
  3. Alibis
  4. So Far Gone
  5. Immaculate Hearts
  6. No Show
  7. Tranquility Trap
  8. SOS
  9. Stripes
  10. Paper Room
  11. Black Rain
  12. Love Me Stupid
  13. Lifeline
  14. Pink Noise
  15. Come Like the Cure
  16. Squaring The Circle

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