Skissur II
Skissur II
Skissur II
Skissur II
Skissur II
Ólafur Arnalds

Skissur II

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SKISSUR II is a sheet music collection of 7 compositions of ISLAND SONGS by Olafur Arnalds. Each song is accompanied by photos from the travels around Iceland making the film and the record.

7 Songs, 52 pages 
- Format: 185 x 256 mm 
- Original artwork for each song by Baldvin Z and Jonas Valtysson 
- Hardcover, bound and printed on high quality paper 
- 1st edition of 1000

1. Árbakkinn

2. 1995

3. Raddir

4. Öldurót

5. Dalur

6. Particles

7. Doria



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