Past Life Martyred Saints CD


Jewel Box Release

1. The Grey Ship
2. California
3. Anteroom
4. Milkman
5. Coda
6. Marked
7. Breakfast
8. Butterfly Knife 
9. Red Star

Fans of guitar noise will have crossed paths with EMA as the scorching guitarist in legendary folk/noise outfit Amps For Christ before forming the genre-defying cult duo Gowns with Ezra Buchla, which Pitchfork called “one of the most heart-stoppingly great live bands on earth” and the Village Voice spluttered succinctly upon seeing them live: “Holy fucking fuck!”. Their 2007 album Red State was an electronic folk and feedback drenched masterpiece that left critics both raving and bewildered. It sadly proved to be their last. The upside is that that musical crossroads lead to the unveiling of EMA's solo debut "Past Life Martyred Saints".

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