Mermaid Avenue vol. 2 LP


Wilco & Billy Bragg

When American folk legend Woody Guthrie died in 1967 at the age of 55, he left behind a trove of more than one thousand sets of complete lyrics with no music. In 1995, his daughter Nora approached English singer-songwriter and activist Billy Bragg and about the possibility of bringing these unheard songs to life by setting them to new music. Wilco came aboard soon after, and in 1998 the first recording of Mermaid Avenue was released to critical acclaim, receiving a Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary Folk Album.

A1 Airline To Heaven 
A2 My Flying Saucer 
A3 Feed Of Man 
B1 Hot Rod Hotel 
B2 I Was Born 
B3 Secret Of The Sea 
B4 Stetson Kennedy 
C1 Remember The Mountain Bed 
C2 Blood Of The Lamb 
C3 Aginst Th Law 
D1 All You Fascists 
D2 Joe Dimaggio Done It Again 
D3 Meanest Man 
D4 Black Wind Blowing 
D5 Someday Some Morning Sometime

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