Laura Veirs

The Lookout LP

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A prolific songwriter for over twenty years, Laura Veirs proves the depth of her musical skill on her tenth solo album, The Lookout. Here is a batch of inimitable, churning, exquisite folk-pop songs; a concept album about the fragility of precious things. Produced by Grammy-nominated Tucker Martine, Veirs’ longtime collaborator, The Lookout is a soundtrack for turbulent times, full of allusions to protectors: the camper stoking a watch fire, a mother tending her children, a sailor in a crows nest and a lightning rod channeling energy.

1.  Margaret Sands
2.  Everybody Needs You
3.  Seven Falls
4.  Mountains of the Moon
5.  Watch Fire
6.  Heavy Petals
7.  The Lookout
8.  The Meadow
9.  The Canyon
10.  Lightning Rod
11.  When It Grows Darkest
12.  Zozobra

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