Laura Veirs

July Flame CD

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Laura Veirs' seventh album July Flame, which Colin Meloy calls "the best album of 2010," explores the emotion of mid-summer. Drenched in wood smoke, sunlight, pollinators, and pastoral dales, her lyrics explore the dichotomy between one's desire for permanence and the realization that such things rarely exist.

1.  I Can See Your Tracks
2.  July Flame
3.  Sun Is King
4.  Where Are You Driving?
5.  Life Is Good Blues
6.  Silo Song
7.  Little Deschutes
8.  Summer Is The Champion
9.  When You Give Your Heart
10.  Sleeper In The Valley
11.  Wide-Eyed, Legless
12.  Carol Kaye
13.  Make Something Good

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